In the fall of 2015, the Gabriola Island Chamber of Commerce launched the Gabriola Economic Readiness Project (GERP). This project was funded by the Island Coastal Economic Trust (ICET) and the Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation (NEDC).

In order to gain a robust understanding of what our island economy looks like, Wave Consulting Ltd. was hired to conduct the State of the Gabriola Economy Survey and report on their findings. In this survey we sought the candid and creative input of over 600 local business owners, entrepreneurs, self-employed islanders, farmers, consultants, tradespeople, freelancers, artists, and musicians. In short, anyone who is making their living on Gabriola by running their own enterprise.

From the resulting reports, the Gabriola Chamber—in partnership with other community organizations—will explore the most effective way to build and sustain a thriving “made-on-Gabe” island-based economy that is firmly rooted in the values and culture of the community that we all cherish.


Now it's time to report our findings back to you ...

Below are the two documents which were prepared by Wave Consulting Ltd. for the Gabriola Island Chamber of Commerce.  If you would like a deeper insight into Gabriola Island's economy - both its opportunities and challenges - please download the pdf documents below.


Thank you to the

Wave Consulting Project Team: