About Andy

Andy Rollerson was born with Down syndrome, but that has never stopped him from having dreams.  He finished high school earning an Evergreen Certificate.  He has two jobs on Gabriola, one as a Produce Clerk and one as a Kitchen Helper.  He loves to help people and wildlife, and he is a volunteer for GROWLS (Gabriola Rescue of Wildlife Society).  In 2015, he realized his dream to be in front of the camera and behind the microphone as a newsperson.  A video about him was prepared by Shaw Cable, and it can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taQvzQGv2go.  


Project Info

Andy interviews people on Gabriola when there’s new or important things to tell our community and his videos are on his Youtube Channel called “Gabriola Island News” at


Andy welcomes everyone to subscribe.



Andy thanks Tina Lynch (Royal LePage Realty) for the idea for this project and the fantastic work she did to bring it to reality, Jules Molloy (Close to the Sun Productions) for invaluable help regarding equipment purchases and software to make videos, Bryan McCrae (Filament Communications) for his wonderful logo, Derek Kilbourn (The Gabriola Sounder) for a spot in the local newspaper, Ingrid Witvoet (New Society Publishers) for editorial assistance, his mom (Liz Steele) for video production, and, of course, the Gabriola Chamber of Commerce for this super webpage.  A very special thank you is extended to Global TV for their generosity in having Andy visit their facility.  He had a thrilling time, including being behind the news anchor desk with Lynn Collier and doing a weather report with Kate Gajdosik.


Andy loved every moment at the Telethon, from presenting your donations to co-hosting with Kelly Robinson of Shaw Cable. Thank you to all of his supporters, especially Kelly, Kait Burgan, Erica Horsfield and Michelle Kocourek!

Gabriola's 19th Annual Thanksgiving Studio Tour October 10 -12.

Woohoo! It's the Thanksgiving Studio Tour this weekend! October 10 to 12, with the kick-off Partini at The Hive from 7 to 10 pm. Partini is a chance to get a sneak peak at the art on the Tour! More tour info at artsgabriola.ca, and you can pick up brochures at retailers around the Island.

Melinda's watercolours...I loved her class! And it will soon be time for the Thanksgiving Studio Tour...October 10 to 12, 2015. Melinda is Studio #47. More info at http://artsgabriola.ca/

Kimm Nightingale and Joké Mensink are doing some fabulous pa-ti-ta (paper, tissue, tape) birds for the Thanksgiving Studio Tour. And Kimm is so accepting of Andy in her line dancing class...he shadows her like a glove, and she makes it easy for him. More Thanksgiving Studio Tour info at www.artsgabriola.ca.

July 21, 2015 - Rick jackson            gabriola fire chief

Wildfire is a concern in this Stage 4 drought! Thank you, Rick and crew, for all you do!

Colleen Walker                                  Colleens on Gabriola

Hi Folks! Andy's latest video is about one of his big supporters, Colleen Walker and her fabulous store. Check it out! Thank you, Colleen! Also, and very exciting: Shaw Cable did a follow-up about Andy and his news videos while we did Colleen's video! It airs today on Go Island (Channel 4) at 4 pm.

Nancy Boyes - Gabriola fitness

Andy Rollerson is thrilled to announce his new venture: Gabriola Island News with this video about the Fitness Centre. This project realizes his dream to be in front of the camera and behind the microphone as a news person.

Liz Ciocea - Fawns on Gabriola

Hi Everyone! Those wobbly-legged fawns are around now...Cheers! Andy R.

Liz Ciocea - seal pups GROWLS

Hi Everyone! Here's Andy interviewing Liz Ciocea about what to do if you find a seal pup on the beach. Enjoy!

Congratulations, Cats Alive, on 20 years serving our community! Cats Alive is a volunteer-run, charitable organization existing solely on fundraising and donations. The organization provides services that are of direct benefit to cats: spaying and neutering all cats that come into our care; financially assisting low income owners to spay and neuter their cats; providing medical care as needed; matching homeless cats with caring humans; fostering strays until suitable homes can be found; and feeding neglected cats.

Check out my latest video with Gabriolan Denice Barrie about her new book, Journey to Justice. It's especially designed to help people who need to represent themselves in court but can't afford lawyer. It can also help people keep lawyer fees down by doing some work themselves.

Dr Brian Hunt, Neurosurgeon: Cycling on Gabriola

Hi Everyone! Here's the next video from Andy Rollerson at Gabriola Island News! Gabriolan Dr. Brian Hunt, Neurosurgeon, is passionate about making sure people have the correct information to protect their brains...because brain injury is FOREVER! Have loads of fun at sports...safely!

Michelle Benjamin                                   Arts Council 2015 Events

Congratulations to the Arts Council and designer Tim Gambrill for such beautiful brochures about the Theatre Festival and Studio Tour coming up! Big thanks to Michelle Benjamin and Alina Cerminara for all their work! And, of course, a huge thank-you to all the volunteers that make these events happen.

DB Boyko The hive opens

Come and see the space we've all been waiting for!

Norm Snihur - Wildlife Rescue

Norm Snihur rescues wildlife for 10 wildlife groups. Today, he was bringing a little brown bat back to Gabriola. Andy was lucky to catch up with him, and yes! Norm gave him a ride in his helicopter! Andy said, "Mom, I'd like to spend the rest of my life in a helicopter!

Andy & Robert enjoy hats...and find out more about Robert's Place Restaurant!

Hi Everyone! Here is Andy's latest video, with Hilary Masson at Silva Bay Kayak Adventures...in which Andy finds that you can stay dry while kayaking with Hilary! Watch it until the end!