Gabriola Arts Council - Medicine by TJ Dawe - Theatre Production

Gabriola Arts Council presents the third in the fundraising season of 3 shows!
Medicine by TJ Dawe
A one-act, one-man show

Medicine is an autobiographical monologue, written and performed by TJ Dawe, about a retreat led by Dr. Gabor Mate, to heal stress and addiction, in which the
participants ingested the Peruvian shamanic psychotropic plant medicine ayahuasca. Ayahuasca (pronounced “eye-a-waska”) has a different effect on everyone, and a different effect on each person every time they do it. Dr. Mate dialogued with the participants in the context of group therapy, helping them understand the sources of their emotional pain and the coping mechanisms adopted in early life that have unknowingly remained in place. The monologue centres on TJ’s experiences at this retreat, exploring a disturbing recurring image with (seemingly) no discernible source. Through Dr. Mate’s psychological detective work, and the visceral psychedelic experiences of ayahuasca, he arrives at some surprising discoveries.

“A fascinating … mesmerizing show. You get entertainment, education and therapy, with a little idolatry thrown in for good measure.”
- Jerry Wasserman, Vancouver Province

“A deeply honest and generous—not to mention smart and entertaining—piece of theatre … Dawe is a skilled performer … More than once, his openheartedness brought tears to my eyes.”
-Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight

“A riveting account of his experience shot through with his customary intelligent, irony-loaded self-deprecation. It is so nakedly honest, you could weep for him.”
-Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

Saturday, April 25
Reception 7 pm, Show 7:30 pm
Q&A to follow with performer TJ Dawe. Cash bar and snacks.
Community Hall, 2200 South Road
Tickets $20, Under 17 $10
Ages 14+
Tickets available online at, in advance at North Road Sports or at the door