The yellow Tansy Ragwort is now in bloom, and requires a different approach. Please clip off the flowers before you pull, and DO NOT throw the Tansy on the road. Rufus Churcher did an informal study on the Tansy propagation, and concluded that the seeds on the road were distributed to many road allowances. The flowers can go into a black plastic garbage bag, and stored behind the shed until next year, when it makes good gooey compost. If you see, a striped caterpillar, that is a Cinnabar Moth, which will eat the Tansy, so leave it alone.

Meanwhile the Salmon Berries have extended their reach, and need to be clipped back in the Kensington Lands beyond Joyce Lockwood. Meet at Pequod Trail Entrance, 1:30 Sunday, July 12th. Loppers will be available but clippers are probably better. We may even be blessed with rain.