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Learn about the size, shape and diversity of the island's business community and economy …

In February 2017, the Gabriola Island Chamber of Commerce contracted with GP Rollo & Associates (Land Economists - Development Strategists) to prepare a Commercial Demand Forecast for Gabriola. It complements a similar commercial demand forecast done by GP Rollo & Associates in 2013 for all the rural village centres in the Regional District of Nanaimo, except Gabriola. This forecast was funded through the BC Rural Dividend Program.

The document below is the final report prepared by GP Rollo & Associates. This report contains a wealth of detailed data and represents a superb asset inventory for the retail sector. Thank you to all the business owners who agreed to be interviewed for this report.


Gabriola Economic Readiness Project (GERP)

In the fall of 2015, the Gabriola Island Chamber of Commerce launched the Gabriola Economic Readiness Project (GERP). This project was funded by the Island Coastal Economic Trust (ICET) and the Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation (currently Nanaimo Economic Development).

Through a community-based process, the Chamber surveyed and gathered the most meaningful economic information and insights we needed to build on our island’s unique strengths, and find out what we are missing. Reporting back to the community, the Chamber hosted a "Gabriola Economic Summit".

Two reports were prepared by Wave Consulting Ltd. for the Gabriola Island Chamber of Commerce.  If you would like a deeper insight into Gabriola Island’s economy – both its opportunities and challenges – please download the pdf documents below.

2012 Gabriola Community Profile
This document was prepared by VIU Recreation & Tourism Program students: Matthew Klaver, Serena Klaver & Audrey Park, on assignment for Dr. P. Parker. 18 pp. The report gives an overview of Gabriola's social, environmental, cultural and built capital, as well as a Community SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) analysis.

Statistics Canada Census for Gabriola
For details on Gabriola demographics you can visit the Statistics Canada 2011 Census for the island. Census 2016 data will not likely be available for 1-2 years.

Other local sources & informal networks . . .

To get an idea of businesses operating in the Gabriola market, check out the Chamber’s Membership Directory, and get a copy of the annual Gabriola Phone Directory. It's published each year in January/February. Most businesses buy a listing.

Consider joining the Chamber, attending events and getting involved in our Island Biz Network. Often, great new opportunities are not advertised, so networking, collaborating and getting the inside scoop is the best approach.

The larger regional snapshot . . .

Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation (NEDC)
NEDC is the regional economic planning office. Through our local taxes, Gabriolans contribute over $50K yearly to NEDC, so use this service. Check out their resources and get help from their talented and resourceful staff. That’s why they are there.

Vancouver Island Economic Alliance

VIEA released a ‘State of the Island’ Economic Report at their Summit October 29, 2015.

Thinking of buying a Gabriola business?

There may also be partnership or business succession and gradual takeover opportunities too. So it pays to get involved with the Chamber and network! Island businesses for sale tend to do the following . . .

For Sale Sign

Place a "For Sale" sign outside their business.

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Advertise in our local paper.

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Post on Craigslist Nanaimo.

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Post on Kijiji Nanaimo.

Venture Connect
Several Gabriola businesses have also sold through the BC Venture Connect service as well.

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