CHILDREN’S EVENT: Radio Days Drop-in Media Sessions

2019-03-18 Radio Days Drop In Media Sessions
March 22, 2019 @ 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Private Residence (RSVP for address)
By Donation (Suggested $20 Per Session)
Character Driven Studios

COST: By Donation (Suggested $20 Per Session) | For Creative Kids from 8 to 15 |

A few days ago I posted an announcement about a Spring Break Filmmaking Workshop for kids. There seems to be a lot of interest, but filmmaking does take a commitment of the full 10 days as I know well from having done many workshops in a number of different settings. So I put on my thinking cap and decided to go with the obvious.

I do my radio show for CHLY from my little studio and thought it might be fun to offer drop in sessions for each of the 10 days of Spring Break. Kids can come one time or for the entire two weeks as creating radio is completely scalable and much better geared to individual or small group projects.

I also operate a little radio station of my own called Airstreaming that you can hear at or on my website and I’ve been planning to have workshops to help people of every age learn to produce segments and host shows. This seems like the perfect time to get that project off the ground and on the air.

This is a great opportunity for kids to adapt and perform their favourite story, to create music, to record an event, to interview interesting people- including their own friends and family or to create an ad from scratch. Each of the projects can be produced and added to the playlist or aired live throughout Spring Break. Friends and family can tune in to listen to these productions from anywhere around the world.

Although I have to make a living, I’ve also raised six kids and know how difficult it can be to manage the basics, let alone the extra costs involved in out of school activities. I’m going to throw the doors wide open and allow kids to participate by donation. The donations can come from the parents themselves or from those who might have a few extra dollars to offset the costs and help me pay for my overhead. I’m suggesting a donation of $20 per day which works out to $4 per hour, but even at that please don’t let money stand in the way of participating. If you have a child that’s interested just donate what you can at Follow this link or use the QR code on the poster. You’ll simply need to register on the site and let me know what day(s) you’ll be coming.